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🚢 Day #1 of #10-days-in-public Project

Worked on website, added a new feature to bag scanner tool, and improved functionality for both projects.

— February 16, 2024

🚢 Ship UI Project Update

Implemented a snazzy UI using the Clack framework written in TypeScript.

— February 10, 2024

🚢 Auction Sniper for iPod on

Built a TypeScript auction sniper to bid on iPods at, only requires max bid and auction ID to function, planning to add a TUI and enhance code.

— February 10, 2024

🚢 Typescript HTTP plaintext streaming server with bun and express

Created a typescript HTTP plaintext streaming server using bun and express, code available on GitHub and website at

— February 8, 2024

🚢 Micro Ship Automatic Blog Publishing

Integrating Scrappy with Netlify and Vrite backend to automatically publish blog posts, with plans to fix Scrappy webhooks for full automation.

— February 7, 2024

🚢 Crescendo-inspired T-shirt Design Project

Creating a two-part design for t-shirts inspired by Crescendo and @V205 using a sharpie and the #blot technique, as the blot dimensions are too small to do the whole thing in one pass.

— January 29, 2024

🚢 ASCII Art Font Downloader and Converter

I created a tool to download ASCII text in different fonts from, convert it to JSON with corresponding fonts, and render it on the web with variable font size and random selection of fonts.

— January 29, 2024

🚢 #blot Video Project

Finally completed my #blot video, grateful for the support in setting up my blot and providing thumbnail feedback.

— January 23, 2024

Monaspace VS-Code install

Installing the Monaspace font, by the Github Next team, in VS-Code. Also unlocking a few of the more powerfull options with custom CSS.

— November 10, 2023

Censorship or Protection? Analyzing the Implications of Child Online Safety Legislation

In recent years, lawmakers have introduced a series of online safety bills aimed at safeguarding children on the internet. While the bills aim to protect children, they also raise questions about government regulation of online activities versus parental responsibility, highlighting the need for a more nuanced approach to child online safety.

— November 1, 2023

Garmin Vivoactive 4 with Home Assistant

Set up a home assistant widget with your Garmin smartwatch

— August 4, 2023

Install TrueNAS Core on Proxmox

Install TrueNAS Core in a virtual machine on proxmox.

— July 10, 2023

Docker Compose Minecraft Server setup.

Using itzg/minecraft-server, we build a compose file to run minecraft vanilla/fabric/forge/paper in a resource efficient and modular way.

— July 8, 2023