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Hi there 👋. My name is Kieran Klukas, and I'm thrilled to have you here. I am a 10th-grade homeschooler, digital explorer, Homelaber, Videographer, and linux freak.

One of my core passions is Digital Privacy. I firmly believe in the importance of protecting our personal information in this digital age. I am a strong advocate for the use of tools such as Bitwarden, and Little Snitch.

When I'm not doing school or working on a project, I enjoy takeing to the skies as an FPV (First-Person View) pilot. The thrill of soaring through the air and diving through gaps is a experience I can best descrive as pure joy. I try to capture my flights for my YouTube channel, Wanderer Archives.

In addition to coding, video production, and flying, I also enjoy learning the violin. I am also an avid reader and enjoy a wide variety of genres, but especially science fiction, and fantasy.